​​​​​​Mariah DeLeón


Mariah DeLeón was our VP of People at Glassdoor for a year and a half.  During her time with us, she hired and led our HR, TA and Wellness teams and helped us grow from 300 to 600 employees both domestically and internationally.  Mariah was instrumental in leading and implementing our "Culture 2.0" project.  She has fantastic people leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. She worked enthusiastically with our management team and employees, through both coaching and training, to help them grow their skills in how to address difficult conversations with grace and ease, understand the importance and value of EQ and the core principals of leadership.​​​​

Robert Hohman
CEO and Co-Founder
Glassdoor, Inc. 


Mariah was our VP of People for two years at UNS.  During her tenure, and as a consultant for us, she was a trusted coach – for our leaders and for our employees.  Mariah used her intuition, training and education to work closely with each individual to help them courageously address and attend to the areas in their job, department, or in some cases, their life, which, once addressed, yield better results, clearer communication and greater understanding.

Mei Mei Hu


United Neuroscience and COVAXX

Mariah's experience in the people operations and culture space has been a huge contribution to Culture Summit.  We've loved having her as a speaker, and an engaged advisor.  We feel lucky to have her in our community and learn from her experience building culture in large companies like Glassdoor.

Vanessa Shaw


Culture Summit

Mariah DeLeón has been a source of professional guidance and personal coaching for me for over ten years. We worked together for 6+ years at Alibris and Monsoon Commerce and more recently she’s been providing high-level HR consulting and coaching support to the team at the Public Library of Science (PLOS). Mariah is highly adept at managing hard problems and resolving them with compassion and honesty. She is a proven leader who inspires her teams and those around them. Mariah brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience to bear and navigates the often difficult waters of employee relations better than anyone I know. Her emotionally intelligent approach to coaching and management brings the best out of people and enhances any organization she works with regardless of size or stage.

Richard Hewitt

Chief Financial Officer 

Public Library of Science

Mariah's tremendous wealth of hands-on HR experience at start-ups makes her an invaluable resource. She is a trusted advisor who both strategizes at the big picture level, as well as rolls up her sleeves to solve problems. She can serve as a thought partner for abstract people ops issues, or as a expert guide to HR best-practices—in short, she's a versatile partner for any stage of growth.

Marie Szuts

VP, People & Culture

Figma and formerly Inkling

Mariah expertly facilitated a Leading with DISC program for my team offsite.  She was able to quickly engage my team and share the concepts of the program in a light-hearted and content rich manner which really resonated with my team.

Liza Cuevas

VP, People 


I sought Mariah’s help when it was time for me to find a new career. Her compassionate approach fostered the introspection, support, and exploration I needed to make the right decision about my path. She is a highly intuitive and skilled coach and advisor. Working with her was invaluable in my journey of career transition.

Jennie Bertone

Mariah DeLeón has become a trusted HR advisor and consultant on our most complex team opportunities and issues. Ranging from guidance on policy and corporate training, all the way to executive coaching and professional development programs for our senior staff.  Her experience, empathy, and professionalism are a great combination, and I strongly recommend her as a resource for any business focused on improved employee engagement and productivity.

Mark Nason

VP, Operations

​1-800 Radiator & AC